Interaction With Heads of Mission/Ministers/ Delegations

ARSP, from time to time, felicitated the visiting Heads of States, Heads of Governments ,Ministers, incoming and outgoing Ambassadors and High Commissioners and other dignitaries, as mentioned below:

16th April 2019 Performance by a cultural troupe from Mauritius of the Geet-Gawai declared as “The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”, at Pravasi Bhawan
6th April Interaction with a Buddhist delegation from Luang Prabang Lao at Pravasi Bhawan
2018 Farewell reception for H.E. Shri Dave Prasad, High Commissioner of Trinidad & Tobago at Pravasi Bhawan; H.E. Ms.Aashna Kanhai, High Commissioner of Suriname was the Guest of Honour
2017 A Reception cum Felicitation programme held to honour a 53 member delegation from Indonesia led by Shri I.Made Darmayasa, President, Dharma Sthapna Foundation, Denpasae, Bali, at Pravasi Bhawan
25th May 2016 Discussion with Indian Ambassador to Slovenia, Mr. S.Chakraborty about the condition of Roma community in Slovenia and their expectations from India, at Pravasi Bhawan
4th June A Felicitation and interactive programme with Shri Vishwas Vidu Sapkal, High Commissioner designate to Fiji and Shri Satendar Kumar, Ambassador designate to Suriname, at Pravasi Bhawan
5th August A Felicitation and interactive programme with Shri Abay Thakur, High Commissioner designate to Mauritius and Shri Bishwadip Dey, High Commissioner designate to Trinidad & Tobago, at Pravasi Bhawan
21st February 2015 Lecture by Amb. Mahesh Sachdev on ‘Recent Royal Transition in Saudi Arabia-A SWOT Analysis for India’, at Pravasi Bhawan
18th November 2014 A Felicitation and interactive programme with Mr. Ashwin Adhin, Minister of Education, Republic of Suriname, at Pravasi Bhawan
21st August A Felicitation and interactive programme with Ambassador Gitesh Sarma, High Commissioner designate to Fiji, at Pravasi Bhawan
12th July Lecture by Amb. R.Dayakar on ‘Current situation in Iraq-Implications for India’, at Pravasi Bhawan
1st June 2013 Address by H.E. Prasad Kariyawasam, High Commissioner of Sri Lanka, at Pravasi Bhawan
27th October 2013 Felicitation of H.E. Yogesh J.Karan, High Commissioner of Fiji, by ARSP at I.P.Engineering College, Sahibabad
27th April Lecture by Amb. R.K. Rai , former Secretary MEA, on ‘South-East Asia and India’ at Pravasi Bhawan
6th July Lecture by Amb. O.P. Gupta on “Islam in Europe” at Pravasi Bhawan
1st September 2011 Felicitation of Shri T.P.Seetharam, High Commissioner designate to Mauritius at Pravasi Bhawan
12th March Felicitation of H.E . Mr Chandradath Singh, High Commissioner of Trinidad & Tobago, at Pravasi Bhawan
24th September 2010 Reception and Felicitation for Shri Vinod Kumar, High Commissioner designate to Fiji, at Pravasi Bhawan
10th July Courtesy call by Shri Ashok Ramsaran, Executive Vice President of GOPIO, on Shri Baleshwar Agrawal at Pravasi Bhawan
30th July 2009 Meeting of Ms. Chandra Gajraj, Managing Director of Trust Company (Guyana) Ltd. and the wife of Guyanese High Commissioner, with Shri Baleshwar Agrawal and other senior members of ARSP
18th June Visit of Shri Virendra Gupta, Director General, ICCR to Pravasi Bhawan
15th April Courtesy call by Shri Ashok Ramsaran, Executive Vice President of GOPIO, on Shri Baleshwar Agrawal at Pravasi Bhawan
April Reception for Dr. Ruby Dhalla, Canadian MP of Indian origin, from Brampton Springdale, Canada, at Pravasi Bhawan
11th February Reception for Shri Malay Mishra, High Commissioner to Trinidad & Tobago, at India International Centre
19th October 2008 Reception for H.E. Nimisha Jayant Madhvani, Uganda’s new High Commissioner, at India International Centre
17th October Meeting of a four member ARSP delegation with Mr. K.J.S. Sodhi, Ambassador designate to Suriname
19th October Meeting of Bihar unit of ARSP with the Prime Minister of Mauritius, during his visit to Patna, at Raj Bhawan
11th January Reception for a delegation from Mauritius, visiting India to participate in the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas and GOPIO Conference, at Constitution Club
2nd September 2007 Reception for Shri Prabhakar, High Commissioner designate to Fiji, at India International Centre
7th April Call by a seven member ARSP delegation on Dr.Ahmed Rashid Beebeejau, Deputy Prime Minister of Mauritius, in New Delhi
27th February Reception for a Parliamentary delegation from Trinidad & Tobago, at India International Centre
Reception for Ms Monika Mohta, Director designate of the Nehru Centre, London
22nd November 2006 Reception for the visiting Fiji delegation led by the Foreign Minister of Fiji
30th January Reception for H.E C.R. Jaysinghe, the new High Commissioner of Srilanka to India, at India International Centre
28th January Farewell for Mr. Seetahul, Deputy Head of Mission of Mauritius, at Hotel Connaught, New Delhi
24th August 2005 Reception for Shri J.S. Sapra, High Commissioner designate to Trinidad & Tobago
16th November Call by ARSP delegation on Mr. Radha Krishna L Padyachie, Indian origin Minister in South Africa’s Central Government
13th January Meeting of two permanent members of Parliament from Trinidad & Tobago, Dr. Tim Copeesingh and Shri Chandresh Sharma with ARSP members, during their visit to India
13th January Reception for Shri Ajay Singh, High Commissioner designate to Fiji
2nd December 2004 Reception for Prof. I.S.Chauhan, Indian High Commissioner to Fiji on his return from Fiji after completing his thrice extended term
19th November Reception for Shri Krishna Kumar, Secretary, Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs
October A welcome reception for H.E. Usha Dwarka Canabady, High Commissioner of Mauritius to India
12th April Farewell reception for the High Commissioner of Mauritius to India, H.E. Daneelal Seewoo
6th March 2004 Reception for H.E. Karan Dhoj Adhikary , Royal Nepalese Ambassador
19th December 2003 Meeting by ARSP delegation with the Foreign Secretary, Shri Shashank at South Block, Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi
August 2002 Call by a 6 member ARSP delegation on Shri Ramdien Sardjoe, Speaker of Suriname Parliament, during his visit to India, in Delhi
12th February Felicitation for H.E. Krishnedat Bajnath, Ambassador of the Republic of Suriname at the Constitution Club, New Delhi
22nd December 2001 Warm send off to Dr. I.P.Singh, Ambassador designate to Nepal
20th November 2000 Reception for Smt. Kamla Singh, Indian Ambassador designate
5th April 1999 Reception for Dr. I.S.Chauhan, Indian High Commissioner designate to Fiji
12th January Reception for Shri Rohit Guttee, High Commissioner designate to Mauritius
23rd September 1998 Reception for Shri Lalit Mansingh Secretary (West) and High Commissioner designate to the United Kingdom
16th June Reception for Shri K.M.Meena, Ambassador designate to Syria
15th January Reception for Shri Shyam Saran, Ambassador to Myanmar
10th July 1997 Reception for Shri M.L.Tripathi, High Commissioner designate to Mauritius
2nd August 1995 Informal meeting with Shri Shyam Saran, High Commissioner to Mauritius
5th August 1994 Reception for Shri O.P.Gupta, High Commissioner to Tanzania
29th June Reception for H.E. Mohunlall Goburdhun, High Commissioner of Mauritius
10th November 1993 Reception for Mr. Bernardo Moolman & Mr. D.Naidoo representatives of the South African Government
18th February Reception for Shri Praveen Goel, High Commissioner designate to Guyana
20th January Reception for H.E. Empharaim Dowek, the first Ambassador of Israel to India
27th January Reception for Mr Anil Baichoo, Minister for Commerce & Shipping of Mauritius
19th February 1992 Reception for Shri Deljeet Singh Punnun, High Commissioner designate to Ghana
8th January 1991 Reception for Prof. Bimal Prasad, Ambassador designate to Nepal
19th November 1990 Reception for Dr. Gyan Adhin, former Minister and General Advisor to the Government of Legislation, Suriname
7th June Reception for Mr A. Pursuraman, Minister for Education Art & Culture, Mauritius
6th April Reception for Shri Dijendra Singh from Ba (Fiji)
28th March Reception for cultural troupe of Bhojpuri artistes from Mauritius
2nd March Informal meeting with Shri Ahmed Bhamji, Minister for Communication Transport & Works in the Fiji cabinet
29th May 1989 Reception for Ms. Brenda Kali, a distinguished cultural activist, novelist and writer from South Africa
2nd February Reception for Shri S.Lutchmeenaraidoo, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance of Mauritius, at Ashok Hotel, New Delhi
27th December 1988 Meeting with Pt. Nardev Vedalankar, General Secretary of South Africa Arya Samaj
4th December Reception for Shri Chandradutt Singh, Deputy High Commissioner to Trinidad & Tobago
9th July Reception for Shri K.K.Bhargav, High Commissioner to Mauritius
25th May Reception for Shri B.P.Sinha, Ambassador to Suriname
19th May Reception for Dr I P Singh, Ambassador to Myanmar
7th January 1987 Reception in honour of Mr Mahyendrah Utchanah, Minister of Energy & International Communication of Mauritius
15th September 1986 Reception for H.E. Dr. James Ajodhya Maraj, first Fijian High Commissioner to India
1st July 1985 Reception for Dr. Beergnath Ghurburrun, Minister of Economic Planning & Development of Mauritius
2nd July Reception for Shri K.D.Sharma, Ambassador designate to Spain
3rd January Reception for Shri Parmanand, Chairman Sanatan Dharam Temple Federation, Mauritius
7th February 1984 Reception for Shri S.S.Naraine, High Commissioner designate to Guyana