ARSP Publications

Over the years, ARSP has brought out a number of publications. These includes books under the series “Mother India Children Abroad” on countries like South Africa, Fiji, Guyana, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Suriname, Malaysia, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Myanmar, East Africa, Australia & New Zealand.

The ARSP has been publishing the proceedings of the seminars it has organized from time to time. A sample list of the publications is as follows:
1. People of Indian Origin- Abroad Problems & Prospects
2. Fiji- the Coup and After
3. Partners in Progress
4. Commemoration Volume of the First PIO Parliamentarians Conference
5. Constitutional Monarchy & Democracy in Nepal
6. Indo-Myanmar- Relations Past, Present & Future
7. Democracy on Trial in Fiji
8. Sri Lanka- Quest for Peace
9. Antar-Rashtriya Sahayog Parishad 30 Years Anniversary Special
10. Shri Baleshwar Agrawal Sankalp Patra
11. Baleshwar Agrawal - Vyakhti Aur Vichar
12. Profile of participants in International Rome Conference and Cultural Festival , 12-14 February 2016, Azad Bhawan, New Delhi
13. Concept Note & Programme for International Conference on Centenary Commemoration of Abolition of Indenture-ship.
14. Souvenir Seminar on Indo-Nepal Relations
15. Souvenir on International Conference of PIO Parliamentarians Building Bridges of Friendship & Unterstanding.

Reports of tour of delegations to Diaspora countries ,sponsored by ARSP are also published occasionally like ‘Mauritius Me Sat Din’ and ‘Mauritius- Kuch Smritiya’ .
The ARSP has been bringing out a popular monthly Bulletin under the title Antar-Rashtriya Sahayog Parishad Bulletin (Monthly Newsletter of Indian Council for International Co-operation) for the last 30 years which contains vital information regarding activities and achievements of PIOs/NRIs besides those of ARSP.